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Public Holidays in Italy

text public holidays in Italy overlaid on Venice Canal

Every year, Italy celebrates 12 official public holidays. These days of rest and celebration range from national days to religious holidays which are widely observed by a majority of the public.  During public holidays in Italy, institutions like schools and post offices will be closed. Most private businesses also close on these official national holidays […]

7 Great Christmas Traditions in Italy

christmas traditions in italy

Christmas is a wonderful time to be in Italy because of all the decorations and history. Santa has begun to make an appearance in recent years, but there are several unique Christmas traditions in Italy that stretch back centuries and are still celebrated today. Here are 7 Italian Christmas traditions that you can easily recreate […]

Raising a Baby in Rome: Reflections on a Year of Parenthood

mother and baby turned away from the camera looking at Rome cityscape

A year of babyhood. Little Giacomo was born on the shortest and, to me, the sweetest day of the year. It has been the fastest, longest, most tiring, most inspiring year of my life. I now intimately understand all of the parenthood cliches (and may even be a cliche myself). For me, motherhood has meant very […]

Marocchino: Italy’s answer to chocolate coffee

close up of italian marocchino coffee cup in glass with layers of chocolate

I can’t really recommend a caffè corretto but I am here to say that you can easily stray from the usual espresso or cappuccino into pure Italian coffee bliss. For that perfect pick-me-up, there is the marocchino. You also totally look like you know what you are talking about if you order a marocchino. A […]