Amerina: Small Pizzas Near Campo de’ Fiori

I love to see that the Roman street food scene is alive and well even after so much upheaval in the food industry in the past year. Amerina La Pizzetta is a delightful new space offering small personal pizzas in one the most beautiful small piazzas in Rome. So it really has pizzette (small round pizzas) in the piazzetta (small square).

tables in front of a church

Tucked away in the corner right next to my favorite tiny church, Santa Barbara dei Librari. Amerina is right off of Via Giubbonari and a few minutes walk from Campo de’ Fiori. While pizza al taglio (pizza cut to order by the slice) is a staple in Rome, the simple format of tiny pizzas made to order or picked to take away is a bit different. 

pizza margherita

Amerina uses a mix of flours and high quality, even some Slow Food, ingredients to make everything from classic Margherita to more gourmet pizzas like caramelized onion, sweet pepper, and olive.

The dough goes through 72 hours of fermentation and rising before it is spread into the tiny personal pans and quickly cooked to the absolutely perfect crunch.

amerina la pizzetta

The street food spot is named for the owner’s grandmother, who used to take him to eat these small style pizzette when he visited her as a child in Pescara. The personal pan pizzas actually hail from there, so they are an Abruzzo tradition. However, the format fits perfectly in Rome.

outdoor tables in Rome

There was no simple pizza rossa ready so they made it to order for my three-year-old son in about 4 minutes (“also less” the sweet girl working at the counter promised us).

Prices for the 7 in (18 cm) pizzas start at €2.50 for the bianca and go up to €5.50 depending on the toppings. The idea is that you can eat as many as you like, mixing and matching the small plates to sample a variety of flavors. It also means this is the perfect stop for a small meal and an amazing price right in the middle of the city. Our two pizzas plus water came to €7.50. 

Amerina La Pizzetta is directly across from Dar Filettaro, which means you have two of Rome’s best places to eat for cheap on the exact same square. No reservations are needed. Simply stop by, order a glass of wine, and pick out enough little pizzas to satisfy any craving.

wine bottles under amerina sign

Amerina La Pizzetta

Largo dei Librari 82
Rome, Italy (Centro Storico)

Closed Monday. Open 11 am – 10 pm Tuesday – Sunday. 

2 thoughts on “Amerina: Small Pizzas Near Campo de’ Fiori

  1. Kirsten Berry says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I am heading to Rome next week and have been trying to search out good street food or easy fare for mid-day. This sounds so delish and gives me an opportunity to visit that sweet church.

  2. Greg Speck says:

    So happy to see this. Visited it about 5 years ago when it had a different name, but he same idea. Came back two years ago and enjoyed it again Such a great location loved the fish restaurant across the the piazza and of course the tiny church where children would play soccer among the shoppers. Can not wait to return to Roma and enjoy it’s never ending treats

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