How to Donate to the Italy Coronavirus Crisis

Sitting at home while Italy is struggling can make us feel helpless. If you have been wondering about how to help or where to make a donation to Italy, I have put together this list of organizations and initiatives.

There are many many ways to support Italy in the future, particularly by planning a trip when this is all over to help the country return to normalcy. There are also lots of other private fundraisers. Just be sure to do your research to confirm it is legitimate.

Protezione Civile

The organization that is coordinating Italy’s response to the health crisis is known as Protezione Civile (our department of Civil Protection). 

They are currently accepting donations via wire transfer, which should be made out to:

“Presidenza del Consiglio dei ministri, Dipartimento della protezione civile CF 97018720587”
IBAN: IT49J0100003245350200022330
Reason for Payment: COVID19

Here is the announcement from their website:

donate to italy coronavirus


UNICEF is a United Nations organization that works to support children, adolescents, and families. Their current campaign for Italy focuses on providing protective equipment to keep healthcare workers and patients safe. You can donate here

Spallanzani Hospital

Spallanzani Hospital in Milan is collecting donations for COVID-19 research. You can support them by giving as little as €1 here. They are also accepting donations for research or hospital supplies via wire transfer: 

IBAN: IT 75 A 02008 05140 000400005240
Unicredit Filiale – Via Ramazzini.
Conto Corrente n. 400005240
Nella causale del bonifico dovranno essere indicati:
[NOME, COGNOME] Donazione a favore dell’INMI L. Spallanzani per emergenza Coronavirus.

Replace [NOME, COGNOME] with your name and last name. 

Italian Red Cross

The Italian Red Cross, or the Croce Rossa Italiana as it is known here, is a major player in health emergencies. You can donate directly to their efforts online here with any amount you like, or via wire transfer. More information about their work during this crisis is available here.

Florence for Hospitals

This beautiful initiative, which I learned about from Girl in Florence, aims to channel support from Florence for Hospitals. You can browse the gallery of images and purchase a print from photographer Francesco Spighi. Spighi has documented the heartbreaking emptiness of Florence as a result of the lockdown. Not only can you own an image of Florence during this historic period of time, but 100% of the proceeds go directly to Italian hospitals. You have an image to treasure, and the medical workers receive more support.

ICU Support to the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan 

With 19 million followers on Instagram, Chiara Ferragni is one of the most popular fashion influencers in the world. While she normally flits about the globe, she was one of the first celebrities to join the #iorestoacasa (I’m staying home) movement with her musician husband, Fedez.

They are based in Milan and have launched an incredibly successful social media campaign to raise money for the ICU at San Raffaele Hospital. You can donate here

How to Support Small Businesses in Italy

Most businesses in Italy have been forced to close for the last three weeks, and they will remain closed for a good deal longer. Even when they are allowed to reopen, it remains to be seen when the customers will return. To help them get through this difficult period so that they can once more bring joy and wonderful Made in Italy goods into the world, there are several ways to help:

  • Buy direct from the producers if you are in need of olive oil, wine, food, artisan goods. Many of these can be shipped globally.
  • Buy a gift card for the future.
  • Leave a review for a past experience so they will have more great word of month once travel is possible.
  • Share your review/recommendations on social media.

You can learn more about some of these businesses in this Facebook group and Georgette also has a great post here that lists “Options at a Distance.”

If you know of other ways to donate to Italian hospitals, charities, or small businesses, please feel free to list them in the comments. 

2 thoughts on “How to Donate to the Italy Coronavirus Crisis

  1. thomas oboe lee says:

    Thank you for posting the fund drive for Hospitals in Florence. The photographs by Francesco Spighi are beautiful. I read his comments on the GIF web site. It is so beautiful ly and poignantly sad how he described an empty Florence!!! Thank you and I did buy a fine arts print.

  2. cico says:

    note: lo Spallanzani è una eccellenza europea e sta a Roma non Milano. di tutti i pazienti ricoverati li non è morto nessuno.

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