Colosseum Raises Ticket Prices (November 2019)

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Going to see Rome’s most famous attraction just became a little bit more expensive. As of November 1, 2019, Colosseum tickets cost about 30% more. The base ticket has increased from €12 to €16, whether you buy these ahead of time or choose to wait in line on the day of your visit to purchase them in person.

Colosseum tickets also include entrance to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. These tickets were previously good for two consecutive days so that you could theoretically see the Colosseum one day and go back the next to visit the other historic sites. There is so much to learn about all of the archaeological areas that this extra time makes sense. However, you will now have to pay for that flexibility. The €16 ticket will only give access to the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill on the same day. You will have to pay €18 – a €6 (1/3) increase in price.

These prices are available at the official ticket seller CoopCulture. Here is the announcement of the new rates (and a note that the €2 price for young EU citizens still stands).

official colosseum ticket prices

Buying Colosseum tickets from CoopCulture is the best way to go to ensure that you still save as much time and money as possible. Buying them from the official website gives you the lowest price and allows you to skip the line when you arrive (note: you have to pick a day and time when you purchase the tickets).

CoopCulture often sells out because there are a limited number of tickets available for each time slot. The line at the Colosseum can be hours long, so I do not recommend waiting unless that is your absolute last possible option. The next best thing after CoopCulture is to get last-minute tickets from Tiqets. These allow you to skip the line, enter with your smartphone reservation and grab a Colosseum video guide once you are inside. 

Another good way to skip the line is to take a tour. These guided tours include the price of the ticket and always have reservations so that you don’t wait to get inside.

While I know it can be annoying to have to pay more when you are already on an expensive vacation, I also have to say that I understand why Colosseum ticket prices are increasing. This is an incredible monument that has to contend with a huge amount of visitors every day. These crowds naturally have an impact on the ancient structure and it is so important for Italy to preserve its cultural heritage. 

Colosseum Ticket Prices, 2019

€16 online or in-person for Colosseum, Forum-Palatine (1 day)

€18 online or in-person for Colosseum, Forum-Palatine (2 day)

Free for children under 18 (with €2 online reservation fee)

€26.50 online last minute 

exterior of colosseum with blue sky

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