Torre Sant’Antonio: Charming Hotel in Tivoli

Tivoli is known for its Villas (Hadrian’s Villa and  Villa D’Este), as well as its medieval towers.

While you can’t sleep inside the historic villas, you can now stay inside one of the many torre that dot the small city.

Torre Sant’Antonio is a 700-year-old defensive tower, and as of June 2018 – it is also a small family-run hotel.

Marco and Alessandra are new parents and architects in Rome. Their daughter is exactly one day older than Giacomo so when Alessandra told me that they bought the historic tower in January, I quickly did the math- they started renovating a centuries-old tower with a one-month-old at home!

But they are also total pros and have an architectural studio in Rome, which shows in the design of their lovely small hotel.

The 14th-century tower has been completely revamped inside while keeping the original architecture of the medieval structure outside.

(Here it is peeking out from behind a church):

Baby G and I were invited to stay in the large room on the first floor of the tower, and I was thrilled to finally make it out to Tivoli.

There is so much to do in this little Lazio town 30-minutes outside of Rome that a day trip simply does not do it justice. Alessandra is a Tivoli native so she knows everything about the area and messaged us with suggestions to plan our trip before we arrived. Then, once we settled in, we unwrapped our “survival kit” of recommendations.

tivoli hotel

It was my first trip away alone with the little guy so I appreciate the personal touch. It meant that I could trust local insights instead of trying to balance a baby, luggage and a phone for google maps and research.

The hotel is right on the edge of the historic center which made it easy to walk everywhere once we arrived by train. We spent one morning in Villa D’Este and then headed to Ristorante Sibilla (yessss) for lunch. (Guests Torre Sant’Antonio receive a discount on their meal which was simply an added bonus!)

We spent the rest of the day walking through medieval lanes, popping into local shops, and wishing that we were staying for longer.

The small hotel is one of those great mixes of updated design, hand-carved antiques, and thoughtful touches. Pretty much exactly the way I hope my own house looks someday!

I can’t want to get back.

Torre Sant’Antonio

Vicolo Sant’Antonio, 35, 00019
Tivoli, Italy (Lazio)

+39 347 803 7983

The baby and I were guests of Torre Sant’Angelo but all thoughts are completely my own! I never write about places I have not personally tried and loved.


3 thoughts on “Torre Sant’Antonio: Charming Hotel in Tivoli

  1. Isabelle Lantieri says:

    Hi Natalie
    Love your blog!
    I am such in love with Italy I guess because I am half Italian.
    I just begin to follow you on Instagram and subscribe to the newsletter
    Thank you for your articles and thoughts and pics !

  2. JWY says:

    I’d love to see a post about how, exactly, to get from Tivoli (once you’ve arrived there by train) to Hadrian’s Villa. I’ve seen directions online, but when I arrived in Tivoli in person, I had no idea where to go, so I just spent the day at the Villa d’Este.

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