Charming Rome Apartments

I love my Roman apartment. I am 99.9% ready to sign another year lease tomorrow.

But there is just that 0.01% of me that wishes I lived here:

Fun tip that I heard recently:
If you are trying to select an apartment in Rome, make sure it is on the fourth floor or above. That way the ladri (thieves) can’t get in.

Oh, but also: make sure your Rome apartment is on the seventh floor or below.

Apparently, Italian fire truck hoses can’t reach above the seventh floor.

5 thoughts on “Charming Rome Apartments

  1. Dena says:

    Lovely door , just came back from rome, and i got into taking pictures of doors, some were lovely, some unique, some with grafitti, some with art work, So many different ones. Also i got it taking pictures of all the little grettos, or altars, on the corner and side of buildings, After i stated taking them , didn’t relize there were so many, they were every where, so beautiful.

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