St. Patrick’s Day in Rome

Green colosseum for St. Patrick's Day

Being married to an Irishman means celebrating all the important national holidays, chief among them being St. Patrick’s Day, naturally.

Colosseum green on St. Patricks day

People love the Irish almost universally.

The more places we travel, the more Jimmy is embraced by people of different cultures and backgrounds. He can talk to anyone and is loved for it.

Green colosseum in Rome

St. Patrick’s is a day when everyone wants to feel a little bit Irish.

Even the City of Rome.

Lighting colosseum different colors

For the last two years, Rome has lit the Colosseum up green, just for the night of March 17th.

All of these photos are totally unedited.

Green colosseum for St. Patrick's Day

It is a pretty incredible sight, so swing by if you are in the city tonight!

Buon San Patrizio from Rome!

(And if you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in Rome, Jimmy wrote a guide to Irish pubs in Rome).

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