Triumphs and Laments: Art Along the Tiber

Triumphs and Laments Kentridge Rome

There is a lot a lot happening with Rome’s street art right now, and I love it.

A new installation, that officially opened a few weeks ago, is getting quite a bit of buzz:

Triumphs and Laments Kentridge Rome

If you walk down a central stretch of Rome’s river, Triumphs and Laments is impossible to miss.

Triumphs and Laments along Tiber

The massive scale of the project by South African artist William Kentridge is incredible.

Triumphs and Laments street art in Rome

The scenes have been power washed onto the embankment walls and are designed to eventually fade with time.

Triumphs and Laments by William Kentridge

I was sorry to be traveling during the opening events, but it looked spectacular from Alexandra’s photo.

Street art along River in Rome

I plan to enjoy all 500m of art for as long as it lasts.

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