Goodbye, Roman Summer

With temperatures in the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit for the next four days, Rome seems to be giving summer weather one last hurrah.

Tiber river bars summer rome

The estate Romana has been impressive this year.  Heat waves and spectacular sunsets have been de riguer.

Tiber in Rome

Walking along the Tiber usually offers a few degrees of difference and a tiny bit of respite from Rome’s heat.

Rome bridgeThe river bars have closed up shop, which is fine by me because I have never been a fan of the food or drink on offer, but they do tend to add to the atmosphere.

Roma Tevere

I will miss the summer weather and the long, languid evenings.

sunset rome river


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Roman Summer

  1. Gunnar says:

    Wonderful pictures of Roma!

    The autnum has arrrived to my home city (Karlstad/Svezia) as well. Bu still no frost so there are still flowers blooming in our garden.
    We went to Firenze in May and it was warm, almost hot. The spring and summer in Svezia has been chilly and it has rained a lot.

    • Natalie says:

      Thanks so much, Gunnar! In Rome, the weather cannot seem to make up its mind. We had so much rain and cool temperatures yesterday, but today is in the 20s and sunny as can be!

  2. dena landry says:

    My favorite spot there on the tiber tent area , was a place that had a large dance floor and you can dance with different people if you could dance , and needed or had a partner . But after a busy day of site seeing, i just loved just getting a beer and sitting and watching them salsa or flamingo dance , it was amazing to watch!!!! , sometimes the dance class students would put on a little show, VERY impressive. And to dance in those heels was amazing in itself. Is it still there?

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Dena!
      I did not see that one this year, but it might still be around! I agree that it is a nice place to grab a beer and watch the crowds, but watching the dancers seems like an even better idea!

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