Italy v. Spain

I don’t know if you’ve heard… but tonight’s game is kind of a big deal.


We’ll be watching it on maxischermi in Circo Massimo, but I’m a little sad we won’t be around to take in the action with our neighbors.  San Lorenzo is all dolled up to support the azzurri.  Via dei Volsci, which long ago secured a place in my heart as one of Rome’s most interesting streets, is leading the charge with at least 60 flags.  The game will be shown on other big screens around the city- including SL’s Piazzale del Verano.



3 thoughts on “Italy v. Spain

  1. Luigi says:

    Your blog is really interesting! I really like the way as you describe your life in Italy.. I think you really like it and I can see this from this blog. I did a semester abroad in New York City. I lived in Manhattan. I enjoyed NYC, I think it’s a great city, I had fun, I met super nice people but… but I think Rome has something magic that NYC doesnt have. Do you see this magic too?


    • L'americana says:

      It’s because I myself am empty and unloved.

      No no! Just kidding! (I hope).

      My only excuses are: a) I’ve been traveling and 2) it’s been hot, really hot.

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