Vendemmia: Grape Harvest in Italy

Oh yes. The most beautiful time of year – the vendemmia, or grape harvest.

As the heat of Roman summer fades and gives way to cooler days, I am dreaming of an Umbrian escape just outside of Orvieto.

Simona and Nick have just such an Umbrian escape, though they are lucky enough to call it home.

Last autumn, between rain storms, they issued a call for grape gatherers.

A train ride, and a quick lift from the capo (a.k.a. Simona’s father), and we were clearing the vines.

A short time later, vines cleared, it was time for lunch.

Did I mention Simona is a gourmet chef??

Focaccia with Mortadella
Savory cake with radicchio, gorgonzola and walnuts
Red onion quiche
Sausages gently cooked grape juice
Spelt salad with cherry tomatoes from vegetable garden , mozzarella and handmade pesto
Mediterranean Beans
Potato salad and fresh herbs
Green leaves salad with fennel and carrots dressed withExtra Virgin Olive oil

I may be slightly overdue with my rave review, but the food and the company are something I dwell fondly on.

So thank you, Simona and Nick, for your hospitality.  I do hope to see you both soon!

P.S. Click through for Nick’s pictures and Simona’s post.

2 thoughts on “Vendemmia: Grape Harvest in Italy

  1. simona says:

    Ciao my dear, tks so much for your lovley post ,it been so nice to meeting you both and we hope to c u again this Sept for the Vendemmia, baci grandissimi 🙂

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