Day Trip from Rome: Spoleto

If you’ve already explored Orvieto, Spoleto is a quieter town, a bit farther off tourist maps.  For 8 euro, you can catch a train from Termini and be in this small town in Perugia in just a little over an hour.

First things first: eat.

We ducked into Osteria dell’Enoteca and ordered the house bruschetta (yum) and strangozzi alla spoletina.  This Spoleto-specialty is made with a delicious garlic tomato sauce. After the first bite, I refused to share any more. I needed to have it all to myself.

The chef’s wife and son were also dining in the restaurant, so we had the chance to thank him in person.  You can try it out yourself at via Aurelio Saffi, 7.  Be prepared to take your time and linger over some house wine from Sardegna.

The town is quite small and a quick stroll will bring you to Santa Maria dell’Assunto.  Which was refreshingly spartan compared to some of the churches we seen in Rome.

The rest of the town picture-perfect.

A easy hike will wind through the hills, offer glimpses of the village and bring you to the Albornozian Castle.

With a few poppies along the way.

From the castle you can also see the ponte delle torre, a HUGE aqueduct.  There’s a way to walk across it, but we had a late start the day we went and couldn’t explore further.

On your way back to the train station (which is a bit of walk), stop by the amphitheater that was built in the 2nd century AD.

Over all, a town with a lovely mix of old and new.  Heavy on the old side.  Lots of families, few tourists, and well worth the trip.

11 thoughts on “Day Trip from Rome: Spoleto

  1. kim says:

    I love this type of post! SO informative and lots of wonderful photos. I also like when you throw some Italian words in there. Grazie!

  2. Mary says:

    Your Italian must be getting better… your English writing is getting an accent! lol
    I feel so happy and relaxed when I imagine you strolling through such a beautiful place. Happy touring! With a few more of these, I hope we will start saving some money to pop in for a visit some time…

  3. rowena says:

    We have been to both Orvieto and Spoleto – something like a little over 10 years ago – and this is where it is always a pleasant surprise when you read about a place (that you’ve been to) through someone else’s visit. It just looks so new again!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving that hint for The Bagel Factory. While it’s true that up north we have all the food trends, much is to be desired regarding the authenticity of it all. I still can’t get over it when at a chinese restaurant, they bring our order in courses instead of all at one time with a big bowl of rice.

  4. Bianca @ Italian Fix says:


    I totally agree, worth a day trip (or overnight). Then you can visit the city of Perugia and the weirdo town of Assisi too!

    Thanks for the photos — they bring me back!

    xx Bianca

  5. Theresa says:

    I only live about 20 mins away (in Terni) by car yet I’ve only visited Spoleto once. I went to this annual wine festival they have called “Vini del Mondo” in June and was disappointed by all the line ups, drunken teens and litter on the streets. Now I feel enticed to go back and experience it the way you did! Now I feel inspired to get out more and appreciate the wonderful little towns surrounding me…. =)
    If you are interested in other places to see in Umbria, several people have told me to visit this underground world in Narni discovered not that long ago (Narni Sotterranea)….I haven’t been yet, but apparently it’s pretty crazy. If you make it there before I do, please post about it!

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  7. Melissa says:

    Hi Natalie, thanks for writing the beautiful blog! May I know how long does it takes to walk to the Albornozian Castle and Ponte delle Torre from train station? You are taking the Ponte delle Torre picture from which location? Are tourists allow to visit there?

    Appreciate for your response as there’s really lack of information out there for the overseas, thanks!!

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