Italian Cheese, Made to Please

Italian cheese may be delicious but it can also be pretty damn cute.

Ponies and pacifiers spotted at Volpetti on a Rome food tour.

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4 thoughts on “Italian Cheese, Made to Please

  1. Dena says:

    hi , quite a while back you stated your favorite cheese, and they din’t have it so they gave you something else, What was the name of it ? i did get some when i was in rome , and liked it too, would like to get some here in the states but know it wont be as good as the cheese there, whole foods gets lots of cheese from italy i think, Still enjoying your blog, scince i found it last year and planned my whole trip last august on places and things you wrote about, THANKS

    • L'americana says:

      Hi Dena! Could it be burrata? I’m trying to think… maybe I’ll be able to pull up the post and remind myself. I’m so happy about your trip and I hope you find some great Italian treats from Whole Foods.

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