Does it Snow in Rome?

I would like to draw your attention to two main points of interest:

1. I was wrong. The snow days were perfectly justified.  It started snowing/sleeting at about noon on Friday.  While it really only snowed Friday night, it has been icy and miserable and we were told to stay home Monday as well.

2. Moon boots are totally still a thing here, and I love it!

I woke up early Saturday to a faint thumping sound. I rushed to the window and everything was covered in white.  The thuds were some poor soul trying to push the snow off his car at 7 in the morning.

I did the sane thing, weighed my options and got dressed in as many layers as I could manage to trudge around taking pictures before it all melted.

It snowed in Rome in 2010, but this time around it was much more impressive.

I pretty much had the city to myself, which is just the way I like it.

Trudging rewarded with a view of the Colosseum in the snow.

The Pantheon in the snow.

Trevi Fountain covered in snow.

After doing the Cavour-Colosseo-Pantheon-Trevi-Santa Maria Maggiore loop, I was tired and cold and over it.

I took shelter in the only open cafe, but have you ever tried to pay for a cappuccino e cornetto with a 20 euro note on a snow day? Let me tell you- it does not go over well.

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15 thoughts on “Does it Snow in Rome?

  1. Outside Looking In says:

    Oops, and I was chuckling about things being closed in advance of the “mightprobablywill” snow day. Beautiful pictures though! Thanks for braving the cold and snow for them! Ok, now let it be spring!!!

  2. Car Hire Italy says:

    Rome is a beautiful destination to be visited. Many tourists visits Rome every year. Rome has many attractions to offer to their visitors. Really You had shared very stunning pictures. I want to experience Snow. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amy says:

    Oh it´s so wrong. So wrong…Rome should not be covered in snow! After my first visit to that gorgeous city in October of last year I told my husband someday I´d like to live- even for short periods (like winter) in beautiful warm Rome….and then I see these photos and my heart sinks…the snow belongs here in Scandinavia…not in beautiful Rome 🙁

  4. Murissa says:

    Lovely pictures, love the Trevi fountain images!
    The city seems to shut down when the snow comes. Must make for an eerie effect but very gorgeous!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

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    • L'americana says:

      Hi Lesley! I think there are a few things open. It snowed quite a bit this afternoon but is pretty much almost melted now. I believe there is more coming tonight. If you stick to the historic center, there should still be a few things open. For restaurants, just call ahead if you can. You can find out about transport delays at

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