Pre-Snow Snow Day in Rome

Parts of Italy have been getting snow this week. You know where it hasn’t snowed? Rome.

That didn’t stop the mayor from declaring a snow day for tomorrow.  That’s right- schools will be closed Friday and Saturday (yeah, Saturday school is a real thing here), on the hunch that it might, possibly snow.

Perhaps I will eat my words tomorrow, but calling a snow day pre-snow seems pretty funny to me.

Everyone will be staying home tomorrow with their cameras ready to run down to the Colosseum to catch a scene like this:


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7 thoughts on “Pre-Snow Snow Day in Rome

  1. Eric Anderson says:

    I grew up in Greenville, SC and remember as a kid getting out of school a few times because of a “chance of snow later in the day”. The idea was that they didn’t want to get everybody at school then figure out how to get them home safely just in case it did snow. I remember several of those “snow days” ended up with no snow. So we just got to run around and have fun for an extra day.

    • L'americana says:

      And Eric, that does make sense to me. The problem is, it’s not THAT cold in Rome, so all we’re getting is rain. I think everyone is a tiny bit antsy because of the huge rainstorm/flooding we had in October and doesn’t want to take any chances.

  2. klouy says:

    U know, thats really funny for me. I mean this huge panic in Italy cause of snow haha Im from Poland, here is -31 right now and streets full of snow:) Its not normal too of course is too cold, but our schools are still open, ppl dont panic so much:)

    keep warm!

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