Guess what this is:


Dichiarazione di Valore.


Guess when I got it:

On the last possible day.

Today, I graduate. (I hope- I’ll find out if they call my name at 7 pm tonight).  That means today is the last possible day that I could demonstrate to the university in Rome that I had, in fact, obtained a four-year degree from an American university.

If you want to attend a graduate school in Italy, you need to verify your bachelors degree (and possibly your high school diploma).  They give you a declaration of equal value- a dichiarazione di valore.  If, for some reason, you want to know about how to get a dichiarazione di valore, I wrote about it before I moved to Rome.

Actually getting to the point where I could hold this mythical document in my hands was a two year odyssey.

The school has been asking me for months to provide the registrar with the original copy of the DV.

I hounded the consulate in Los Angeles, who after several emails and several phone calls from my mother, finally responded to let me know they had sent the DV to the school in May 2010.

Guess where I finally found the DV?


The people that threatened not to pass me because I had not provided proper documents, had the documents in their files the entire time.

In fact, as soon as she opened the file that I insisted she check, there was my name with a note:

Natalie- DV O.K.


7 thoughts on “DV O.K.

  1. Justine says:

    Congratulations Nat!!!!!!! So proud of you =)
    I know that things like not getting a letter to verify your status is so frustrating, however thats in the past and I hope your new degree will lead you to great things and upgrade you from intern status!!!!!!

    • Jas says:

      wow, Rome for under $400.00 Thats the cost to Japan or Australia from Guam. To get to Rome I’d eislay pay $3000.00 just for the flight!!! Have a great trip and take photos of the collesium for us!! I really want to visit there before I hit the grave!!!

  2. jann says:

    “On the last possible day” !!!!! LOL. Yes, this is ALWAYS when you get papers in Italy. Somehow, things usually come through, but you get heart palpitations waiting!!! And with the consulate in LA? I’ve had my problems!

    Anyway, a big congratulations! Keep us informed…

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