Roses in Rome

If you visit the center of Rome, you’ll see the rose sellers.

They wander around with bouquets, trying to hand you a rose as “a present” and then asking for payment.

The flower guys will wander into restaurants and try to sell you a rose over dinner. I always laugh and tell them that I can’t buy a rose for myself.  In fact, I never see anyone buy them, so I was becoming increasing curious as to how they stayed in business.

We found out one night when this appeared on our table at a wine bar.

So thank you, shy-dude-that-didn’t-actually-want-to-talk-to-us.  You solved the mystery for us, and we enjoyed the rose.

One thought on “Roses in Rome

  1. michelle says:

    you should psych some Italian guys out by buying THEM flowers. seriously, this gestural faux pas would be such a mind-f*** that they’ll stop asking you if you can cook.

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