Vending Machine Espresso

The little spoon that gets dispensed with it kills me. Love it.

8 thoughts on “Vending Machine Espresso

    • La americana says:

      Oh my gosh, Nerys- have you mastered how to adjust the level of zucherro?? I’d take two spoons over too much sugar any day! My machine seems to insist on dumping in the sweetness!

      • Nerys says:

        The default on our machine is three little lights (whatever that means!) which for me’s fine, I should try to see if adjusting it makes any difference 😉

  1. jann says:

    I remember my delight the first time I saw this little spoon!! And don’t you think these machines are fantastic! You get to choose from so many drinks, decide just how much sugar to add, and the coffee’s great & cheap!

  2. Joanne at Frutto della Passione says:

    The building I work in is pretty isolated (no shops, no bars, no restaurants) so they try to provide everything for us – vending machines, a caffeteria. After YEARS of drinking this stuff at work I have cut down to one a day – I find the coffee gets nasty in the afternoon – somedays we abandon the office and head out to the closest bar just for a shot of the good stuff!

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