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Many people confuse Sorrento with the Amalfi Coast because they are neighboring areas. However, Sorrento, which sits on its own peninsula a bit to the north of the coast, is unique – particularly when it comes to its landscape and geology. The town sits high on a cliff edge and is renowned for its sea views, sunny weather and citrus.

Sorrento is a major destination in warmer months. The pedestrianized center has narrow streets filled with shops and little eateries, as well as gorgeous public and (envy-inducing) private gardens over looking the sparkingly water.

A steep stroll will lead you down to Marina Piccola, where colorful home climb the countryside and restaurants are built on stilts next to docks where fishermen arrive with their daily catch.

Sorrento is unique as a summer waterfront destination because it does not actually have any natural beaches. There are few coves and no sand at the base of the Sorrentino cliffs. But of course, the water is simply too tempting for sunbathers and swimmers so naturally there’s a solution: floating beaches.

That’s right: Sorrento’s beaches literally float on the water. Built on wooden platforms, they function like many other private Italian beach clubs with showers and coffee bars all within reach.

You can rent a sun bed for the day to use all the facilities and opt to jump in the water or simply listen to the small waves as the lap against the platforms and you lounge. Depending on the exact beach club, there may be a cordoned off calm area for kids and waders as well as ladders on the ocean side for climbing back in once you have floated in the open sea.

Many of these Sorrentine style beaches are also accessible by elevator so you don’t have the hike up or down and can instead focus on the most important part of any stay in Sorrento – relaxation (and maybe a drop of lemoncello).

Not only do you have access to the water from these unique floating sunbeds, you also have an incredible view of the city of Sorrento – from the bottom of the cliff looking up to the layers of rock and finally the villas above.

I’ve never seen these kinds of beaches anywhere else in the world- giving you one more reason to add the town to your Italy itinerary. So would you take a swim in Sorrento?

P.S. if you are looking for a place to stay, Hotel Mediterraneo has an elevator straight to the spiaggia (beach) and offers free access to guests. 

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