Renato e Luisa

renato e luisa restaurant in Rome

It is easy to imagine Rome as a food mecca, with glorious but quaint trattorie tucked into picturesque alleyways.

The truth is, it’s easy to get a bad meal in the center of Rome.

Reeeeeeeal easy.

renato e luisa restaurant in Rome

Which is why you need to know about restaurants like Renato e Luisa.

The kitchen is tiny, but open in the back, so it is plain to see that there are no microwaved plates to be found.

Roman fried artichoke

Located about a 30 second walk from Largo Argentina, the incredibly central eatery has Roman classics like carciofi alla giudia on the menu… with an extra flourish.

Artichoke with ricotta

And when that little twist on a well known dish is ricotta filling? I am all in.

Carbonara in the center of Rome

Going heavy on the heavy traditional dishes, I doubled down and ordered carbonara after the cheese-stuffed-artichoke that I polished off all by myself.

While I have grown to adore guanciale, I like it extra crispy on carbonara rather than fatty.  Renato e Luisa seem to agree with a bit of crunch, further solidifying my opinion.

Steak with balsamic reduction

Being a meat and potatoes kind of guy, Jim went for steak (tagliata di manzo) drizzled in a balsamic reduction.

I managed to find room to steal a few succulent bites.

Being central and good, Renato e Luisa is popular.  The staff seemed unhurried at the clear rush, but you should book a table for your visit to be sure you get a spot. (How long it takes for your water to arrive is another issue).

Renato e Luisa
Via dei Barbieri, 25,
00186 Roma, Italy
Phone: +39 06 686 9660

Open: Tuesday – Sunday 8:30 pm – 12:30 am. Closed Mondays.

6 thoughts on “Renato e Luisa

  1. Linda O says:

    I agree that the food was good, but our waitress could not have been more unpleasant. I don’t think she spoke great English, but you don’t need to speak English to smile and at least say hello. Both waitresses that were tending to us were equally unpleasant and I’m pretty sure it was because we were not Locals. Not a good way to run a business…and what is the purpose of treating anyone like that, tourist or not? Then we were told we couldn’t order dessert because they didn’t have a chance to make it yet…??? The experience was such a let down. No hospitality at all.

  2. Maria says:

    I keep emailing the restaurant at the address listed on their website. I’m trying to make a reservation. However, they do not respond. Natalie can you please help?

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