Berlin Food Tour

A tray of cured meats and bread in Berlin Mitte

I like things, but I definitely like places more.

For Christmas, I was thrilled to be gifted with a trip to Berlin- a city we have long wanted to explore.

I like exploring, but I like eating more.  (It is one in the same, right?)

I think food is one of the past ways to experience a culture. So the first thing I did was sign us up for a Berlin Food Tour.
A tray of cured meats and bread in Berlin Mitte

We met up with Bastian of Berlin Food Tours at about the exact moment I started to have a massive cough attack.  I was mid-recovery from the Roman flu, which has been rough this year.  But by the second stop, post-kofte made to order in a market square, I had revived.

And… I may have eaten more than my allotted share of spicy salami on fresh pretzel.

Mitte wine shop

Riesling is an affordable white wine gaining in popularity

Riesling in small shops with lovely owners on brisk days also does wonders for the state of one’s constitution.

A fluffy (and delicious) hamburger patty

But Berliner Buletten is really where the comfort food is at.  An impressively fluffy hamburger-meatball hybrid served with hot mustard? I went back to get some more for dinner.

A curry wurst stand

Really though, no trip to Berlin is complete without currywurst.  Jostling in line and eating the city’s signature dish: sausage and a curried ketchup sauce that was conceived in Berlin during the 1940s.

Sausage with curry sauce- a Berlin staple

Goes exceptionally well with dark lagers.

Well. Most German food seems to go well with beer.

dark craft beer

But it wasn’t all meat and beer, we made plenty of stops to satisfy any sweet tooth.

colorful macaroons on a platter

Overall, eating our way through Berlin was a huge success.

Sign reads Eat Berlin at a food shop in Mitte



3 thoughts on “Berlin Food Tour

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    • Natalie says:

      Yes! Completely agree- it was really reasonable and a great way to learn more. I would definitely recommend on your next trip!

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