Sicilian Easter Bread

As you might imagine, Easter is kind of a thing around here.

I am giving anything church related wide-berth as Rome is inundated with pilgrims, arriving for this weekend’s ceremonies as well as the upcoming canonizations of two previous popes.

But last year? Last year, I was climbing a volcano with my sister on Easter.

The volcano was her idea, but while we bounced from one island/ferry/mainland/Sicily to the next… we kept seeing these Easter breads.




The Easter bread was my  (terrible) idea.


The lambs were cuter, but still not tasty.



These were better:


In my experience, the bread is for admiring rather than for eating.


Whole eggs baked INto bread is a bad idea, and possibly how I ended up with food poisoning.

Which is why our 10-hour brunch this year relied on Eggo waffles and scalloped potatoes.

Happy Easter, wherever and however you are celebrating!

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