Macelleria Angelo Feroci: Beautiful Roman Butcher

There are famous butcher shops in Rome but none are as beautiful as Macelleria Angelo Feroci.

meat display

Is it weird to call a butcher shop beautiful? Probably. But you will understand as soon as you walk by the tall windows. 

The shop first opened in 1923 and it has an enviable location between the Pantheon and the Italian Senate building. The butcher is in an exclusive neighborhood, but it holds its own among the expensive boutiques thanks to its gorgeous window display and long Carrera marble counters.

The colorful trays of ready-to-cook delicacies are almost too pretty to eat.

Angelo Feroci is stil family run after 100 years and is a city institution. However, it is worth noting that the meat is usually not local (the shop prefers the quality-price ratio of imported Danish meat, for the most part), and the dishes do not always abide to the seasons. The origins might not be super local but the shop keeps up Italian traditions despite its global food system connections.

All is not lost if you are a vegetarian (and open to supporting shops like Feroci) because you can find cabbages molded into burger patties and other vegetable based delights. For omnivores, that means you can technically pick up your contorni (side dishes) at the same time you get your meaty main course.

But a tip if you are visiting around major holidays: be sure to order ahead because the lovely displays tend to end up wiped clean for special occassions.

Angelo Feroci

Via della Maddalena, 15
Rome, Italy (Pantheon)

06 6880 1016

Closed Thursday and Sunday. Closes at 13:30 on Saturday.

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