Italian SUV

While out on a Rome Food Tour, I spotted this bad boy. A real life Italian SUV:

What’s that you say? It looks like a bike?

Look again.  It’s an SUV!

A Shopping Utility Vehicle.

Currently on my must-have list

2 thoughts on “Italian SUV

  1. Why Rome? (Andrea) says:

    I love it! We bought a ‘shopping utility vehicle’ this Summer. It’s not as fancy as this one (it’s a regular bike with a basket), but I insisted to have one to help with carrying groceries home from the market. My arms and back couldn’t take it anymore. Our little ‘vehicle’ has made all the difference with those big shopping runs. When I lived in the States, I drove a big SUV (a Yukon). I laughed about going from a big SUV to a small bike. Now I can still say I have an SUV, only this time it’s a ‘shopping utility vehicle’. Haha! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. paula says:

    It’s a first for me! Here in Ponente Ligure I’ve never seen one. Of course we very simply have 4 wheel SUVS but yours is adorable…except that where I live it’s all a constant up and downhill! hey from the WEST PORTICO, P

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