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How to Shop at an Italian Fresh Food Market

Palermo market

One of my favorite things about Italy are the amazing fresh food markets that you find in every town (or in each neighborhood in larger cities). Wandering through a market is one of the best ways to mingle with locals going about their daily lives, as well as to experience the food culture that makes Italy […]

Giving Birth in Italy

I am trying not to inundate the blog with information about what it was like to be pregnant in Italy, but at the same time, I know that when you ARE pregnant you are usually scrimping around for whatever information is available. SO, let’s talk about giving birth in Italy. Just as in many countries, […]

Traveling and Eating in Italy while Pregnant

Updated: April 2024 You’re pregnant! And going to Italy! Those two things are both totally awesome – congrats! But what about eating in Italy while pregnant? Or just traveling around in general when you are expecting? I recently went through the experience of being pregnant in Italy and it was pretty great. Well, actually this […]