Primo Maggio (Labor Day): Italy’s May 1st Holiday

The arrival of spring always seems to set off a flurry of public holidays in Italy. There is Easter, which brings with it Pasquetta (Easter Monday), followed by Liberation Day on April 25th, and finally Labor Day or la Festa dei Lavoratori on May 1st. May 1st is a public holiday in Italy that is often […]

Italian Beaches Reimagined for a Social Distancing Summer

plexiglass beach cubicles italy

We have officially passed the 40 days that gave rise to the word “quarantine” from the Venetian practice of isolating ships carrying the plague. At this point, anything seems possible (or impossible as the case may be). No one knows what to expect from our first coronavirus summer in Italy. That hasn’t stopped architects and […]

Video: Steve McCurry Pays Tribute to Italy with His Incredible Photographs

video still of monk petting cat

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” So exclaimed Giuseppe Verdi in one of my favorite quotes, but I would say that many of us feel the same way. This includes celebrated photographer Steve McCurry, whose images from his travels around the world have become iconic.  Now, the artistic explorer has created […]