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Ponte Sant’Angelo: Rome’s Bridge of Angels

Rome’s Tiber river does not have the fame of the Thames or the Siene, but it is an unmistakable part  of the city. Snaking through Rome in a winding trail, visiting or living in the Eternal City requires crossing the water on a regular basis. Luckily, there plenty of bridges which span the Tiber. The […]

50 Free Things to Do in Rome

Rome is full of world class museums, amazing eateries and beautiful scenery. While you can easily turn any stay in the Eternal City into an unforgettable luxury escape, there are also so many free things to do in Rome that it can be hard to know where to start. Gaze upon masterpieces by Caravaggio and […]

Rome’s 10 Must-See Attractions and Monuments

While I highly recommend getting off the beaten path, it is undeniable that Rome has some of the world’s most famous must-see attractions. It is nearly unthinkable, for example, to come to Eternal City and not even walk around the outside of the Colosseum. There are also world class museums, major monuments, ancient ruins and […]

August 2017 Events in Rome: Your Calendar of What to Do

The city of Rome is not making things easy in August. There are talks of water rationing as a means of dealing with the drought. Water would be shut off to residents, hotels, and all businesses for 8 hours a day. We are waiting for more details on the plan to deal with the serious […]