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Les Vignerons: Natural Wine in Trastevere

Ok, world. The American election season is finally winding down. I have no words. But I do think it it safe to say that we could all use a drink. (What I mean is: I could use all the drinks). There is a dearth of good wine in Trastevere. Right now, we are treated to the […]

Gourmet Salami at Antica Norcineria Viola in Rome

I was a vegetarian from the age of about 7 to 25. In between,  I dabbled in veganism while my parents waited for me to out grow my meat-free phase. It was hardly a “phase,” but when I moved to Rome, I dropped it. In Italy (and now in general), I eat meat in moderation. […]

Fairytale Boutique: Shopping In Rome’s Testaccio District

I needed to go to the supermarket on Saturday. The supermarket is right next to Piazza Testaccio, and as I rounded the corner to buy household necessities, I remembered that there was something else next to Piazza Testaccio as well. Mission: Diverted. I ambled over to Fairytale “just to look,” I told myself. Fairytale is very […]

Essenzialmente Laura: Gorgeous Perfume Shop in Rome

I was struck by Essenzialmente Laura as I walked down Via dei Coronari. The street is filled with blooming jasmine, but this small shop smells even sweeter. I have never been one for powerful scents. I prefer light, fresh and natural perfumes. Laura Bosetti Tonatto creates just that. She has created perfumes inspired by the […]

Lela Casa: Lovely Home Accessories in Rome

lela casa rome

Once upon a time, the cutest shop in the world was just a few steps from my apartment. Filled with delicate ceramics, and bold linens, Lela Casa quickly became my motivation for leaving the house before the market closed on Saturdays. Luckily, the store still exists, but has simply moved locations. Now situated between Ponte […]

Aromaticus: Plant Shop and Kitchen in Monti

I cannot keep plants alive. I try. I coddle. I water. I find the right amount of sunlight. Then I fail and they die. But luckily, I can replace them any time I want at Aromaticus. This quirky little shop in Monti is a gardener’s dream. Potted greens, watering cans in every shape and size, […]

Volpetti Specialty Food Store in Rome’s Testaccio Neighborhood

When I first moved to Rome, Amazon was a pipe dream. Yelp? Didn’t yet exist here. (Not that it would have mattered so much, because though I paid handsomely, my internet barely functioned). And just so we are clear on timelines: New York got Eataly before Rome did. All this to say- if you needed […]