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Traveling and Eating in Italy while Pregnant

You’re pregnant! And going to Italy! Those two things are both totally awesome – congrats! But what about eating in Italy while pregnant? Or just traveling around in general when you are expecting? I recently went through the experience of being pregnant in Italy and it was pretty great. Not only did I become the […]

Liberation Day in Italy: April 25th Holiday

Liberation Day in Italy is celebrated on April 25th as Festa della Liberazione. The day is a public holiday in Italy that marks the end of the Italian Civil War and the end of the Nazi occupation. April 25, 1945, was the day that the Italian Liberation Committee officially declared the uprising and a general strike, though […]

How to apply for Residency in Italy as an EU Citizen

European Union citizens who want to live in Italy do not need a visa. Part of the EU community, they are entitled to free movement across any EU country. However, EU citizens must still apply for residency in Italy. In a way, this is a bit of a formality, because EU citizens are guaranteed residency, […]

Italian Father’s Day: March 19 (St. Joseph’s Day)

Rather than move around the calendar to a convenient June Sunday, Italian Father’s Day is always celebrated on March 19th. This is because Father’s Day in Italy coincides with the Festa di San Giuseppe – or the Catholic feast day in honor of St. Joseph. That would be Joseph, as in Mary and Joseph – […]

Festa della Donna: Italy’s March 8th Holiday for International Women’s Day

I was honestly not aware that there was such a thing as International Women’s Day until I moved to Rome. In Italy, March 8th is a holiday celebrated as festa della donna. While it is not a holiday that shuts down businesses or schools, it is pretty impossible to miss festa della donna. On March […]