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Tips on Using a Stroller in Rome

I literally never thought about strollers until I had a baby. Let me tell you, using a stroller in Rome is not for sissies. This city was not built with baby carriages in mind. Italians straight up love babies and so the country is fairly kid-friendly on an individual level. But when it comes to infrastructure, no […]

First Starbucks Opens in Italy

Italy Starbucks

There have been rumors about Starbucks in Italy for years, but it finally happened. The very first Italian Starbucks has opened in Milan after extensive preparations. While I see no need for the chain to expand here, I have to admit that this first Italian Starbucks is beautiful. Rather than simply a neighborhood coffee shop, […]

Cheese Vending Machines in Parma, Italy

Italian cheese in a vending machine

Italy has some interesting vending machines. You can buy cigarettes, beer, or even pocket coffee with the touch of a few buttons. However, my favorite vending machine of all time might be the cheese vending machine I stumbled across in Parma, Italy. Where else in the world can you buy a pound (500g) of Parmigiano […]