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Climbing the Palermo Cathedral

rooftop of the Palermo Cathedral

I truly believe that Palermo is one of the most underrated cities in Italy. It has a mishmash of architectural styles, plenty of crumbling corners, sunburnt Sicilian colors, and a complicated but intriguing history. And the Palermo Cathedral manages to package all of this into one. The Palermo Cathedral was built in 1185, which is […]

Discovering Sicily Off the Beaten Path

I have been to Sicily for long weekends before. That usually means flying into Palermo or Catania and quickly exploring one of the island’s two largest cities, then patting ourselves on the back, and heading back to Rome. However, this year I am determined to find the more unexplored sides of Sicily. I’ll be traveling […]

Mondello Beach: How to Visit the Stunning Sea in Sicily

Mondello beach plays no small part in my desperation to get back to Palermo ASAP. Crystalline water is set against white sand and distant rocky peaks. Mondello is otherworldly beautiful. And Mondello is lucky it is so good looking because the bus ride to get there was heinous. And I deal with Rome at rush […]