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Specialty Coffee in Rome at Faro – Luminari del Caffè

I’ve been waiting a long time for a coffee bar like Faro to finally make its way to Rome. The bar declares itself to be the only independent speciality coffee bar in the city. Not beholden to any limiting agreements with certain roasters, Faro seeks out the best specialty coffee from all over the world. […]

Caffè Corretto in Italy

There are hundreds of ways to order a coffee in Italy. First you have to decide if it is normale, or with milk and if so, how much milk. Then is that with foam or without? Should it be scalding hot? Do you want this in a ceramic cup or glass? Any cocoa? And the […]

Starbucks Italy: Coffee Chain Plans Italian Rollout

UPDATE 2017: Starbucks Italy is about to be a reality. This could be it. 2016 could be the year that Starbucks comes to Italy. The American chain has been in talks with a Milan-based company to bring the franchise to Italy.  A decision was expected in December 2015 but has finally been announced.  Starbucks had previously […]

Decaf Pocket Coffee

As a whole, I think that Italian candy is pretty terrible. There are no good fruity candies. No skittles or starburst or equivalent. And there are very few chocolate choices that do not include hazelnuts (which I despise). However, then there is Pocket Coffee. I love Pocket Coffee. That day I found a Pocket Coffee […]

Ditta Artigianale: Third Wave Coffee in Florence

ditta artigianale in Florence

Happy National Coffee day to my fellow Americans! I love me some coffee. Most days, slightly burnt and rather acidic Roman espresso will do just fine. Other times, I have to go to Florence for the day. Ditta Artigianale was everything I dreamed it would be. The second location, in Florence’s Oltrarno area, is a […]