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Buon San Valentino!

One of the things that never fails to make me smile are the love messages that you come across in Rome.  Spray painted across roads and sidewalks, you’ll find declarations like this one: Defacement of public property aside- I think they’re touching.  There is something very brave about professing your feelings to the person you […]

American Baking in an Italian Oven

Italian pastries are pretty amazing, but sometimes I miss good old chocolate chip cookies.  So when my friend came to visit, I requested US contraband: baking soda. You know what else American baking calls for? Butter. Lots of butter. (and zomg, did you hear about the lovers in Sicily that killed the woman’s ex-husband by […]

Well, That’s a First

I’ll admit that I’ve broken plenty of corks. But I’ve never broken the corkscrew: I was momentarily stumped. Luckily, I remembered I bought a pair of pliers at Ikea! (I know, I know I swore I would never go back there). In Italian, “corkscrew” is cavatappi. Cavatappi is one of my favorite Italian words because […]

Pocket Coffee: New Italian Candy Obsession

Very early on, I sort of wrote Italian candy off.  There was just a lot of licorice and gummy things and I was more interested in all the savory food goodies that the country had to offer. That was before I found out about Pocket Coffee. Pocket Coffee is a piece of chocolate, filled with […]