Gifts for Italian Food Lovers

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I am here to encourage you to just say no that that Olive Garden gift card when you are doing your Christmas present planning. If you are shopping for someone who loves Italy and Italian food, then there are plenty of more creative presents to wrap up for under the tree. I have put together my favorite Italian food gifts for a cheery and delicious 2019 holiday season.

Italian Foodie Gifts

    1. Keep things flowing smoothly with plenty of free-flowing spritz cocktails. I love the design of Spritz: Italy’s Most Iconic Aperitivo Cocktail, with Recipes, as well as the suggested twists they have on the ultimate Italian cocktail. This is what I gave my brother in law last year and it is still a hit!
    2. Keeping with that festive feeling, I am in love with this little wine glass ornament to add to the tree.
    3. As a hostess gift, or really for anyone who eats any amount of pasta/salads, these olive wood serving utensils are rustic but modern.
    4. Making fresh pasta is actually not that difficult so long as you have the right tools. A pasta maker is a perfect gift for the person who is ready to take their Italian cooking skills to the next level. The machine essentially presses dough to the correct thickness and then has different attachments to make different shapes, for the most dreamy al dente pasta every time. It is also 20% with the code MERRY at checkout. 
    5. For the truly ambitious, this pasta drying rack will hold up to 4 lbs of pasta once you get the hang of that new pasta maker.
    6. This Dolce and Gabbana pasta set is what my carb-loving fashion-obsessed heart really wants this year. If you are feeling especially generous, you can splurge on this silk pasta print dress from D&G.
    7. After moving to Italy, a simple hand blender was the best investment I ever made in my kitchen utensils. It is perfect for lots of tasks, but particularly for making vellutata, which are “velvety” Italian soups.
    8. For a delicious journey through the regional specialty foods of Italy, I really recommend Elizabeth Minchilli’s book Eating My Way Through Italy (which is currently on sale, for less than $17). From truffle hunting to the secrets behind tortellini and why Parmigiano-Reggiano is so special, this book is a chapter-by-chapter look at the foods of Italy, with easy-to-recreate recipes.
    9. Ok, ok, it doesn’t really compare to heading to your favorite Milanese bakery and picking up a fresh panettone, but if you want to spread the holiday cheer, this is one of the best known brands for traditional Italian Christmas cake and is a tasty addition to any dessert table.
    10. And just for fun – why let wine bottles weigh you down? I want some of these Wine2Go- Foldable wine bottles for future picnics! (and you can snag 20% off if you join their mailing list).

As a bonus – if you are coming to Rome in person, you can surprise your favorite foodie with a Taste of Testaccio Tour. That’s my neighborhood, and so obviously I think it is the absolute best place to eat in the entire city! 

Is there anything else on your Italian food gift list?

P.S. for more shopping ideas, these are my favorite books about Rome.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Haha! I was smiling when I read this post of yours. I just posted a very similar one 🙂 We both had our minds on Italian food gifts 🙂 I love the prosecco ornament!! And I hadn’t heard about ” Eating My Way Through Italy”. Sounds like a great book!

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