Spring Beer Festival in Testaccio, Rome

Spring Beer Festival in Testaccio, Rome

The Città dall’Altra Economia is one of the reasons I love Testaccio.

In addition to being the permanent home of a small cafe and an organic market, there is always something interesting going on the old slaughterhouse grounds.

Testaccio birra

Now entering its 5th year, the Testaccio Spring Beer Festival will be held at CAE from 17-20 May, 2018. (It should be 6 years old but it was sadly canceled in 2017!)

Testaccio beer festival

Craft beer producers from around Italy will set up shop for four days of excellent beer drinking.

Rome spring beer festival

As with spring in Rome, the weather is usually unpredictable and has been cold and rainy on and off for the last two editions and it looks like a few more storms might be coming in 2018 as well – though hopefully the wet weather will hold off until Monday.

Rome craft beer festival

Regardless of whether there is rain or shine, there will be plenty of tables set up for chatting over a brew or two.

There are also food stands selling good drinking food like pizza, fried fish and supplì.

beer festival food in Rome

In 2016, the Spring Beer Festival hit peak hipster with a beard barber’s tent as well…

Testaccio birra and barber

The beer festival is free to enter, but you must buy a glass for €4. After that, beers are one token (€3.50) for a 30 cl pour.

The Spring Beer Festival is open from 6 pm – 2 am on Thursday and Friday, then opens at noon on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, please see the festival website.

If you are plugging it into google maps, look for Largo Dino Frisullo (inside the mattatoio).


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