Best Places to Propose in Rome

Rome is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it can also be one of the most romantic. From cobblestone alleys, to charming corners draped in ivy, and breathtaking views at almost every turn – the Eternal City can make an incredible backdrop for romance. Plus, once you’ve popped the question – there is plenty of prosecco available to toast your newfound engagement.

But where, exactly, should you propose in Rome?

Every couple has a different love story, and so picking the right location has a lot to do with the two of you. Are you hoping for something public? Want to charm her with a vista while you get down on one knee? Or do you want to seal everything with a kiss and a romantic dinner?

Here are the best places to propose in Rome:

Giardino Degli Aranci

It is hard for me to imagine a more romantic spot in Rome than Giardino Degli Aranci (Rome’s Orange Garden). You are likely to spot nuns meandering through the park while the scent of citrus blossoms fills the air. From the terrace you have unrivaled views of the river and the rooftops of Rome. It was where Jimmy painted my portrait when I was pregnant with Giacomo, so we have our own sweet memories here. It is a gorgeous place to propose in Rome – just watch out for the gravel when you get down on one knee.

rome's orange garden

Overlooking the Roman Forum

The Colosseum can be swarming with selfie stick sellers, so pick an alternative spot nearby. One of my favorite romantic terraces is behind the Forum and near Campidoglio (or Capitoline Hill). Turn up Via di San Pietro in Carcere from Via dei Fori Imperiale and you will wind up past the museum entrance until you arrive at a small overlook. The tiny terrace is usually quiet, and you can easily get into surprise proposal position while she is admiring the ancient Roman ruins.

At the top of the Spanish Steps

Skip the perpetually crowded Trevi Fountain and instead plan your proposal at another Roman landmark – the Spanish Steps. Recently restored, the famous Roman staircase is looking mighty fresh. It can also be quite popular at certain hours, but if you climb to the top, you can find (relatively) quiet spots to surprise her with a ring. Sunset is best because the light and the vistas out over the city’s streets is breathtaking. Plus, there is a lovely rooftop bar right at the top of the steps where you can toast your newly engaged status.

On a row boat in Villa Borghese

Want somewhere more unique to propose in Rome? Take a walk through Villa Borghese towards the laghetto – little lake. Away from the chaos of the city below, the space is full of open green lawns and Roman pines. The lake is my favorite spot in the park because it comes complete with a tiny temple and perfect little row boats that can be rented for 15 minutes or longer. Pack a picnic, paddle out and go for the proposal.

On a Rome rooftop

What better place to propose than with the whole city of Rome spread out before you? Whether you choose to take in the twinkling evening lights for a moonlit engagement or in the afternoon to take in the Eternal City in all its domed terracotta glory. Here are the best rooftop bars in Rome to set just the right tone to pop the question.

Did you propose in Rome? Or do you have other suggestions on the best place to pop the question?

I actually did not get engaged in Rome. Being from two different countries and meeting in a third, Jimmy proposed in a fourth – during our trip to Berlin. (But my antique ring IS from Rome).



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    That is one of the prettiest rings I have seen. I love the marquise accents around the beautiful round stone. Perfect.

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    That’s very interesting. My closet romantic side has always dreamed to propose to my future belle in Rome!
    On a different note, as I have followed your nice blog for a while, Natalie, are you aware of this nice initiative of fellow Italophile bloggers
    I think it has worked quite well – this month it’s their third “edition” and more and more concerned bloggers are joining – and, if you’re interested, a talented and informed “italo-blogger” like you could contribute to it quite awesomely, I am sure.

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