Il Presepio- Christmas Cribs in Naples

We are gearing up to celebrate our third Christmas in Rome. While we have propped up a sad imitation tree that did not really survive the year well in the attic, many homes around us have set up ‘il presepio’.

Il presepio is a Christmas manager scene that is set up in a central location in the house, or in the piazza, or in St. Peter’s Square right next to the big tree.

You can go with Joseph, Mary and Jesus, or you can glitz it up a bit with motorized accessory characters.

Whatever your presepio style, the best place to pick up figurines in Naples.  From Wise Men, to pizza makers, Naples has everything to meet your manager needs.

You can go with a simple scene, or a double decker if you really want to pack in the figurines.

Figurines from politicians to pop culture idols.

But don’t forget the baby Jesus!

Buon Natale!

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