La Fiaschetta: Restaurant Near Campo de’ Fiori

Sometimes my eyes glaze over a little bit when I hear about what a good deal someone got on their dinner in Campo de’ Fiori.

Perhaps you managed to find a decent meal, but I am sure you paid handsomely for it.

Catering mainly to study abroad students and tourist lured to the market, there are only a handful of traditional, quality shops left in the square. (Norcineria Viola is one such example).

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Wander a few blocks down, however, and you can certainly find good eats.

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La Fiaschetta is cozy restaurant about a three minute walk from Campo de’ Fiori.

There is no one outside with a menu, trying to usher you in as they do on the famous square. In fact, the restaurant is so small that it barely needs any advertisement because its few tables fill up naturally and quickly.

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Just off Via del Pellegrino, the unassuming restaurant has a mix of Roman specialties and lighter, daily menu items.

They also have a great selection of craft beer, as well as a regularly changing list of wines by the glass.

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If you are beginning to grow weary of pasta and pizza, La Fiaschetta is one of the few Rome restaurants that serves salads as a main course.

However, my favorite dish is the straccetti di manzo.

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The thin strips of beef are simply prepared and always perfectly cooked. Topped with arugula and a side of lemon, it is a basic but satisfying dish.

The central location makes La Fiaschetta one of my go-to stops when I am hungry after wandering the alleyways of the centro storico – but I recommend booking ahead if you can because of the size of the dining room.

La Fiaschetta
Via dei Cappellari, 64
Rome, Italy (Centro Storico)
+39 06 6821 0599 

Open Tuesday – Sunday from 12:30 pm – 3 pm and 7:30 pm – 11 pm. Open Monday for lunch only.

Reservations recommended during high season, but it is worth stopping by to see if they have space even if you have not called ahead.

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