How to Avoid Getting Ripped off by a Taxi in Rome

Ok. That’s it. I’m done with the taxis at Ciampino airport. Those fools (and I am looking at you, number 1091) are completely out of control.

I have already written about how much a taxi from the airport to Rome should cost:

€30 from Ciampino airport to the city center

€48 from Fiumicino airport to the city center

How do I know that? Because it is LITERALLY WRITTEN ON THE DOOR OF THE TAXI.

But there is a gang of drivers at the Ciampino airport entrance who try to charge at least €40 to take you to Rome. That. Is. Ridiculous. And it makes me so angry because what a way to introduce people to Rome – rip them off right from the start.

So, here are a few things you should know about taking a taxi in Rome, not just from the airport but around the city as well:


  1. Official taxis in Rome are white and have a Roma Capitale logo with the taxi number clearly displayed on the front door. Only take these. Now, let’s focus on how to avoid getting scammed by the official taxis:
  2. The price from the airports to Rome and vice versa is set. It is not negotiable. If you are staying outside of the city walls, you will be using the meter instead. Check with your accommodation ahead of time to confirm if you fall into the fixed rate zone if you are unsure.
  3. Every taxi driver has a taxi license number on the back of the cab as well as inside the back door. The little plaque as includes their name. So, if you are having trouble, write it down and ask for a receipt when you arrive at your destination. You can report issues here.
  4. When you are in the city, cabs are not really supposed to stop if flagged down. They sometimes do, but your best bet is to find a taxi rank.
  5. Getting in the cab at a taxi rank will also save you money. If you call a taxi, the meter starts from wherever the taxi is sent from. It is a stupid system, because the cab arrives with extra time already running but this is Rome and so that is how it works.
  6. During the day, the meter starts at €3.25. At night (after 10 pm), the starting rate on the meter doubles to €6.50.
  7. If you need a cab to come pick you up, or if the stronzi (@$$holes) at Ciampino are giving you a hard time about the rate, then call the taxi dispatcher directly. That was we did. The biggest company is Radio Taxi and the number is +39 06 3570
  8. Do yourself a favor and download MyTaxi. The taxi app allows you to order a taxi directly to your location without having to speak to a dispatcher in Italian. It will send whichever taxi is closest from any official company.  The app should also track the route, so there is less likelihood of the driver taking the long way home. Finally, you can also add payment information to the app to pay with credit card or paypal, however you can also pay with cash when you reach your destination. Up to you.

I’ve been hearing a lot about MyTaxi, but I am a total convert now.

Don’t have data while traveling? I would still suggest downloading the app. Ciampino airport has free wifi so you could always pop inside and use the app to call the taxi if there are no taxis waiting.

Speaking of apps, Rome does have Uber Black and I do use it occasionally. The rate to Fiumicino airport is about €65 if I remember correctly.  However, I have noticed recently that Uber prices have gone up and that surge pricing is more common.

For another airport transfer option, consider Welcome Pickups. Welcome Pickups charges the same price as a taxi, but has a driver waiting for you. You can read Jimmy’s review here.




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