Saldi: Sale Season in Italy

Oh, how I miss Target and all things bargain-priced.

The Euro-Dollar exchange rate is killing me, so I have a biannual event that I always look forward to: SALDI!

Saldi (sales) happen twice a year in Italy and they are a HUGE deal.  There are very strict laws governing the timing and labeling requirements for sales so you always know what to expect and when.

Italian winter sales usually start about 6 January, right after all the Christmas shopping is done.  Italian summer sales start on or around 1 July and each runs for about a month.

Italian retailers are required to put the starting price + the percent discount + the sale price on the tags.  It’s a way of ensuring they don’t claim something is marked down when it’s really still originally priced.

I love the saldi and usually come home with shirts, jeans and shoes that are marked down 70%.

Made in Italy at a major discount? It’s one of the great things about living La Dolce Vita.

2 Responses to Saldi: Sale Season in Italy

  1. saretta says:

    Who buys anything full price anymore?! Evviva i saldi!

  2. cathi says:

    It sounds like a fabulous deal!! I love Target too!

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