How to Eat Panettone

If you walk down any street in Rome during the holidays, you will notice every other person carrying a large box of cake.  That would be panettone or pandoro, they are traditional Italian Christmas cake.

They are everywhere, so of course we had to try some.

The taste reminds me of packaged Hawaiian sweet bread that you buy in bulk at Costco.  But don’t ask me how you are supposed to cut it.  Here’s how we ate our Christmas panettone:

10 Responses to How to Eat Panettone

  1. Nerys says:

    I haven’t quite figured out how to cut it yet either, it always ends up in bits! From not being able to go home for Christmas I’ve wound up with 3 panettone to eat, and I’ve still got one left, it’s like never ending panettone!!

    Buon anno!

  2. neekoh says:

    Haha, I have one of those sitting in my fridge right now! Do yours come with “zest”? I hate that part… :-/


  3. Kevin in Indiana says:

    We always used a bread knife to slice it. Then we’d toast it and spread on a little butter. That’s how the northern Italians in my home town taught us!

  4. Sam says:

    Whenever my family gets one of these, my dad cuts them vertically, kind of like orange slices, then makes french toast out of the slices. It’s really good!( It’s very American of us even though we’ve been living in Sicily for years).

  5. Sort of the how do you eat Oreos question. By the way, Oreos arrived in Italy on regular supermarket shelves two years ago.

    Most people cut it, as Sam says, like an orange. Of course every family has it’s traditions. In our house if it has almonds on top, those are mine. The ‘skin’ is a toss-up between my daughter and myself, at least when she’s here from her home in Toscany. Then the insides are up for grabs to whoever has the ‘knife by the handle’ (il coltello dal manico’ which in Italian has nothing to do with cutting panettone – let you discover the meaning).

    Know this response is rather late in coming but I figured it could help with the COLOMBA PASQUALINA – which is bird-shaped and not at all easy to cut like an orange. The question with the dove is ‘do we cut off the wings then the head and then slice the body….?’…..let you figure that one out too but around April when the good COLOMBE start showing up in the pasticcerie!

    un abbraccio da ponente, P

  6. sharon says:

    oh my god, panettone is my passione, pandoro also is delicious…

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  8. cd says:

    just slice it, like a loaf….

    have it with coffee for breakfast, or a bit later with masala or spumanti.


  9. Tim says:

    Make French toast with it or just dip it in your coffee in the morning.

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